July 9, 2019


If you live in Manitoba, there is a good chance you have heard of or visited Riding Mountain National Park. It definitely IS something to write home about and there is good reason why it is a popular spot year-round.

Riding Mountain National Park (RMNP) sits atop the Manitoba Escarpment and houses lakes, trails, buffalo, and even secretive wolf packs (says the Government of Manitoba website!). It is a family favourite location in the summer offering camping (yurts or regular sites) and a variety of outdoor activities. Stay tuned for a more detailed post about RMNP and all its wonder in the weeks to come, as K and I have a yurt excursion planned near the end of August.

In the meantime, a little drive never killed nobody…

So into the car and onto HWY 1 we went! I live in Gimli, MB so RMNP is approximately 3 and a half hours from me (you can thank the big body of water called Lake Manitoba situated between Gimli and RMNP for the slight detour). K lives in St. Francois-Xavier and therefore sa...

October 10, 2018


I was lucky enough to snag the last available yurt at Nutimik Lake Campground. It just happened to be pet friendly and was open for just one night, which was exactly what I was looking for. It was the Sunday night of Thanksgiving weekend.

I then began researching nearby hikes and came across Pine Point Rapids. I've heard good things, so we went for it.

We arrived at Nutimik Lake Campground later than I wanted to, but at the right time to check into our yurt (4:00pm). We headed to Beutla Lake Resort to pick up wood for the evening and were at the trail head for 4:30 pm. It was a dreary day but I was confident we had enough sunlight to complete our explorations.

We passed two groups of people at the very beginning who were heading out so we had the entire place to ourselves. It was glorious. I was advised the night before to go right at the fork. I didn't know exactly what this meant at the time, but she said I would understand once I was there. THANK YOU, LAURA. I'm so glad we did this. Th...

September 17, 2018


Canada has 47 National Parks. Manitoba houses two of them: Riding Mountain and Wapusk. I try to get to Riding Mountain National Park at least once per year. Each visit quickly reminds me that Manitoba is so much more than endless prairies. 

A trip to Riding Mountain is most often an overnight trip. When I realized that my home is only two hours from the East Gate of Riding Mountain, I immediately began planning my next adventure. I had recently seen an incredible picture of Bald Hill and knew I wanted to hike to it. The park's newest trail, Reeve's Ravine, opened in 2013 as a mountain bike and hiking trail, and provides two of the three routes to the fork leading to Bald Hill.

Reeve's Ravine shares it's trail head with the better marked self guiding trail, Burls and Bittersweet. It is just past the Gorge Creek trail head. Follow the signage to there, but keep going past it until you find the next trail head. The route I took was Reeve's Ravine directly to Bald Hill, out an...

August 7, 2018


Looking to get away but don’t have infinite hours to spare? Birds Hill Provincial Park just may be the day trip you are looking for, then! 

Located 10 minutes north of the Perimeter off Highway 59, BHP allows park-goers opportunities to engage in hiking, biking, rollerblading, horseback riding, swimming, camping, and in the winter snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. There is a plethora of trails around the park, ranging in distances and terrains, from dirt to paved paths.

Personally, my favourite trail to hike is the Lakeview Trail. It is 7.2kms and is the perfect length of time to soak up some Vitamin N, especially if you are pressed for time. It is paved the entire way (so watch out for cyclists and rollerbladers!) and meanders through the woods and around the lake. If you can catch the sunset whilst hiking, even better! When timed appropriately, station yourself on the east side of the lake looking west during a sunset; it is stunning (the trail will inevitably pass the east si...

July 26, 2018


While many flock to the beautiful beaches on Lake Winnipeg, it seems as though Lake Manitoba is often forgotten. The drive to St. Ambroise Beach Provincial Park from Winnipeg's city centre is actually one kilometer less than Grand Beach and totally worth it. Plus, it's much less crowded.

The sand is soft and the water is shallow. Like, really shallow. For quite a distance. You can walk out for at least 50 meters and the water will still be below your waist. It's perfect for the kiddos and dogs. There is an awesome provincial website called Paws in Parks that outlines all of the rules when traveling to provincial parks with dogs. Dogs are allowed in provincial parks, just not in designated beach areas. Buoys at St. Ambroise Beach mark the designated swim area.

On the south end of the beach, you'll find a lookout tower and a self guiding trail. Although, we didn't check them out on our last trip, we're looking forward to checking them out next time!

On your way in or out, don't hesitate to...

April 10, 2018

How about those lakes though? Inevitably, lakes are one of the best parts about Manitoba. You do not have to travel far outside of the city to get your water fix, either. Some of Manitoba’s most beautiful bodies of water are within a 2-hour drive from Winnipeg. What a time to be alive if you live in southern Manitoba (well that, and the fact that the Jets are absolutely killing their post season run, but I digress…).

Last year, our family purchased a cottage on Pinawa Bay, about 18 minutes past Lac Du Bonnet. Our lakeview property faces west and quite possibly has the best sunsets in all the land (I am not biased whatsoever). But, for real, they are phenomenal – it is the kind of sky where you gasp for air because the view literally takes your breath away. I feel so #blessed that my family found this little piece of heaven.

We obtained the property in spring 2017, so when May Long Weekend arrived, I laced up my Nikes and headed for a trail within a provincial park I had not yet expl...

K: I've XC skied more this year than all other years combined. R teaches in Gimli and has already skied through Camp Morton, but she invited me along for this trip. The sun was shining and it was one of the warmer days of the year so far. In fact, it was a little too warm so the skiing was slow, but I was pumped to finally wax my skis (I've embarrassingly never done this before, which I think speaks to how much of a novice I truly am). There were only 2 or 3 people on the entire trail. It was a glorious, short, and extremely easy ski. We spent about 90 minutes on the trails, which is perfect for a Sunday adventure. R was annoyed with me because she was sweating profusely, and I was not (she often draws attention to this fact, in a poke-fun kind of way).

Before heading home, we decided to stop at a local coffee place in Gimli. Turned out that everything was closed and we were not desperate enough for Tim's (I know – how unCanadian of us). As we gather o...

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