It’s an early Saturday morning. You’re about to adventure out into the wilderness for the day, but before you head north out of town, you need to accomplish one important task. You open the doors to a local business down the street, the only one open this early on a weekend, and you take a deep breath in through your nose. ​​You smile. What is that therapeutic aroma that gifts the air, instantly waking you up from your sleepy state? Well, of course – it’s the java juice.

Let’s take a moment to talk about coffee. ​We LOVE coffee. We never embark on a camping trip without the essentials: ground or instant coffee, lots of water, and a percolator. Have you ever had coffee percolated over a campfire before? It is THE best and nothing compliments a warm, morning sunshine beside a calm body of water, more than a fresh percolated cup of coffee.

One of our favourite local coffee emporiums to shop all-things java is Mountain Bean Co. (and it’s not just because the word “mountain” is in the name – R can be a little obsessive with mountains). This place DELIVERS when it comes to coffee.

Mountain Bean Co. is located on the Northeast-ish side of Winnipeg on Henderson Highway (close to the north perimeter). On a nice day, you would be hard-pressed not to find several bikes and people outside on the patio. Inside, the shop’s decor personifies “cabin in the woods”.

Wooden accents and nature’s hues plaster the walls. The tables are made from slabs of wood and there is even a fireplace near the back of the shop for those cold, blizzardy days when all your body really needs is comfort. It is a spacious space – on any given day, you will see several students studying, businessmen/women typing away on laptops, old friends catching up, and even the occasional first Bumble date (the only good thing about a date being late is the excuse to drink more coffee, obvi).

Their Backcountry Roast is my all-time favourite and what I use in my French press at home. They have several other roasts to choose from as well, including darker and Fair-Trade roasts. When you purchase a package of their beans (in which they grind for you according to how you prepare your coffee, so make sure you inform them of this) you will also receive a free cup of any roast of your choosing! It’s the small things that make my day.

They have an assortment of baking available that is locally brought in, with gluten free options. I personally recommend the Gluten Free Peanut Butter Nut Bar. MMM. Hits the spot in a real and sating way.

​One of our favourite things to do before hitting the trails is to grab a cold or warm brew for the drive out. If you are heading north at any point this summer​​ (which you should – there are a TON of great spots out that way) make Mountain Bean Co. one of your in between destinations. To quote their slogan, “It’s Worth The Hike”!

*Mountain Bean Co. does not have an official website at this time; customers are encouraged to check out their Facebook or Instagram page.

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