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Kinosao Lake Trail

This is a lovely hike in Riding Mountain National Park. I've hiked it both in summer and in spring (with fresh snow). It's rated as moderate, but I think most abilities would manage it quite easily. The lake is beautiful. It actually reminds me a lot of Black Lake because it looks so dark. There are lots of other trails that this one links up to so you can make it extra long, if you'd like. There is a canoe that is kept near the dock at the lake, so if it's available, head out for a paddle! You'll find multiple view points along the lake. It really is a pretty and peaceful lake view for minimal effort.

You'll find the trail marked by signs on Highway 19. You are allowed to bike it, also. It's just a short jaunt from Wasagaming, so feel free to head back into town for a meal after the hike.

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