When you think of cliff jumping in Manitoba, you probably picture Tulabi Falls. Nestled in the southeastern corner of Nopiming Provincial Park, Tulabi is a little gem just off the dirt road about 2 hours from Winnipeg. They recently built yurts and we decided to snag one for some early season glamping. It was amazing. We were lucky enough to have a couple of beautiful May days which allowed us to hike around, snap some stellar photos, enjoy the campfire and bask in the sun.

We stayed in pet friendly yurt #1. It had a stellar view, but is the closest one to the parking lot. So, if your dog likes to bark at people, #5 might be a better choice. The only one I wouldn't recommend is #6, only because the rest of them are situated so perfectly on the water. Yurt #2 has a walkway out to the fire pit which sits on a rock in the water and yurt #4 is elevated like a treehouse! We decided if we had a longer stretch of time we would take a group out to the yurts and rent them for multiple nights. The hikes in the park aren't long or strenuous, but they do offer beautiful views of Tulabi Falls, Bird Lake and Tulabi Lake. If you are a paddler, Nopiming Provincial Park is your jam. If you want more hiking, head north toward Black Lake Trail and Walking on Ancient Mountains.

There are also camping opportunities within Tulabi Falls Campground and Bird Lake campground. Neither park is very large or busy, so it's the perfect place to get away even if it is just for one night.

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