I was lucky enough to snag the last available yurt at Nutimik Lake Campground. It just happened to be pet friendly and was open for just one night, which was exactly what I was looking for. It was the Sunday night of Thanksgiving weekend.

I then began researching nearby hikes and came across Pine Point Rapids. I've heard good things, so we went for it.

We arrived at Nutimik Lake Campground later than I wanted to, but at the right time to check into our yurt (4:00pm). We headed to Beutla Lake Resort to pick up wood for the evening and were at the trail head for 4:30 pm. It was a dreary day but I was confident we had enough sunlight to complete our explorations.

We passed two groups of people at the very beginning who were heading out so we had the entire place to ourselves. It was glorious. I was advised the night before to go right at the fork. I didn't know exactly what this meant at the time, but she said I would understand once I was there. THANK YOU, LAURA. I'm so glad we did this. The terrain on the Self-Guiding Trail was so much fun. And totally do-able for sure-footed kiddos and pups. We also made sure to take the .3 km off-shoot to the viewpoint. Don't skip that! We then completed the rest of the trek to Pine Point Rapids. If you have the time and capability pack a lunch (or s'mores), lighter and kindling. There is firewood with fire pits at the rapids! It would make a perfect picnic site.

Once you are at the rapids, you have the option of doing another 2.8 km loop which will take you by Acorn Falls and Viburnum Falls. Do it! The views are wonderful and we saw lots of wildlife. If you want a more challenging hike go clockwise at the fork. For a less challenging hike, go counter clockwise. Realistically, though, it's all easy to moderate hiking. On your way back to the parking lot, you can take the 2.4 km ski trail which is flat, wide and somewhat boring (although we saw lots of Prairie Chickens/Roughed Grouse) so don't hesitate to take the Self-Guiding trail back, too. We spent just over 2 hours on this trail and that including lots of times for pictures. If you can do the hike in the fall, you will not be disappointed! I also hope to go back for a ski this winter!

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