Looking for seclusion? Birch Point Provincial Park has got you covered. It's a very small park just 160 kms southeast of Winnipeg on Lake of the Woods near the northeast angle of Minnesota. It contains just 26 basic campground sites each with a ton of space. Sites 21-24 will provide you with the most magical sunrise views coming up over the lake.

You will drive through Moose Lake Provincial Park to get to Birch Point. This is where you will check into the campground, purchase firewood and snacks from Silver Birch Resort and make the last 7 km trek to Birch Point.

Once you arrive, it's basically a free for all. There is one loop of gravel road, but to get to many sites, you simply drive on the grass between a few rows of trees. You won't find any water or amenities (beyond an outhouse and a garbage bin) so be sure to prepare appropriately.

It was our first camping trip with King (3 month old puppy adopted from Manitoba Mutts). Because the campground is small and quiet, it was a great experience for first time dog campers. The sites were very large giving him lots of space to be content and there was wind coming off the lake which drowned out his occasional barking. The wind also did a good job of keeping the flies away.

Just as a heads up, you won't have any service. And if you do, it's probably roaming in the US, so be sure to turn your roaming off if you don't want any unforeseen charges! Now get ready for an ultimate chill and relaxed camping experience.

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