While many flock to the beautiful beaches on Lake Winnipeg, it seems as though Lake Manitoba is often forgotten. The drive to St. Ambroise Beach Provincial Park from Winnipeg's city centre is actually one kilometer less than Grand Beach and totally worth it. Plus, it's much less crowded.

The sand is soft and the water is shallow. Like, really shallow. For quite a distance. You can walk out for at least 50 meters and the water will still be below your waist. It's perfect for the kiddos and dogs. There is an awesome provincial website called Paws in Parks that outlines all of the rules when traveling to provincial parks with dogs. Dogs are allowed in provincial parks, just not in designated beach areas. Buoys at St. Ambroise Beach mark the designated swim area.

On the south end of the beach, you'll find a lookout tower and a self guiding trail. Although, we didn't check them out on our last trip, we're looking forward to checking them out next time!

On your way in or out, don't hesitate to stop for some snacks at the store in the town of St. Ambroise. It has an awesome stick structure in front.

Traditionally, you can camp the entirety of the beach. However, the campground has been closed for the 2018 season. We're unsure what the plan is for next year.

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