As we were driving from Black Lake Campground to the Walk on Ancient Mountains we found a well marked entrance and stopped to check it out. It was signage for the Flintstone Lake Portage trail. Nopiming Pronvincial Park is a paddler's dream. With hundreds of lakes, waterways and back country camping, there is a ton of land to explore. The portage to the lake didn't look too far so we decided to check it out.

We estimate that the trek was about 1 km one way. The trail was wide and easy to follow. Which seems appropriate for anyone carrying a canoe or boat. It also looks to be suitable for an ATV. There is one spot that is underwater so you'll have to keep left and make your way on a few logs and through the bush, but it's not too difficult.

The end is a beautiful opening of the lake. Many boats are stored there. It would be a perfect place for a swim or picnic so plan appropriately.

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