This may be one of the best hikes Manitoba has to offer. As we were hiking, I was shocked I had never heard of it. It is 9km round trip in Nopiming Provincial Park. It involves rocks and elevation as well as low, wet, boggy spots. In terms of Manitoba hiking, I would rate it as moderately difficult. It is well marked by cairns. They were so fun to see! Keep your eyes open for them as they will help you stay on the trail. It also follows the lake shore fairly closely, so that helps prevent finding yourself too far off the path.

The trail head is in the Black Lake campground. About 3km in, there is a spot where it turns you around a bit to zig zag around a rock face. It will feel like you are going the wrong way, which you are. Don’t worry! It puts you in the right direction within 20 meters. The trail isn’t too far for Highway 314 so you will hear a bit of traffic. For some, that may be comforting, for others it may be off putting

The trail has so many beautiful flowers along the way! There were wood lilies and lady slippers. We saw many orange, pink, purple and white flowers. And stunning ferns and mosses.

This hike has the closest thing Manitoba will have to scrambling. Up and down rock faces are fun and even a bit challenging. There are a few low, boggy spots, some with man made bridges.

There is lots of brush to trek through so don’t hesitate to wear pants. I would also recommend waterproof hiking boots. Bring plenty of water and a snack to enjoy at the river rapids. I wish I had brought a suit to swim at the end of the trail!

I'm going to say it: this was better than Hunt Lake. There. I said it. Now get out and explore!