exploring the heart of canada

Have you ever seen the sun rise in the prairies? It's unlike anything else – boundless and isolating in the most comforting way. There is no quantifying its beauty. It signifies the beginning of the future.

And the future, almost always, guarantees an adventure...

We are Rachelle & Kristen and our mission is to inspire you to Do North by exploring what's inside Canada's heart.

Until the sun sets,

Do North.


how to navigate

Each adventure will indicate the season we think is best for visiting. We will also rate them on a 3 point scale:

- loved it!

- worth the trip

- skip it. 

We are going to be brutally honest and subjective here. You do not have to agree with us, and that's okay!

Lastly, we'll categorize our adventures based on their distance from the city centre (usually Winnipeg). Day trips will typically be within a 2 hour drive of Winnipeg and overnight trips will be 2+ hours away from the city.

Happy adventuring! 

June 24, 2018


It's hard to believe that I lived in Manitoba a few years before I heard of Steep Rock. Steep Rock is located on the northeast shore of Lake Manitoba within the interlake region. You'll head north on the #6 from Winnipeg for about 2.5 hours. On the way, you can stop at the grocery store in Moosehorn if you need to get any supplies.

Turn west non 239, and right before arriving in Steep Rock you'll be mesmerized by the Caribbean blue waters that simply appeared out of nowhere. The limestone cliffs that surround the area give it a distinct alluring hue. 

On a beautiful day, get to Steep Rock early for parking. Although it seems to be plentiful, as the area gets busier, I anticipate parking will become limited. Once you arrive, you have lots of activities to choose from. There are three main hikes. One...

June 20, 2018


We were hesitant on even checking this trail out as it was only 1.8km round trip. After chatting with the staff at Black Lake Campground, we were convinced it was worth it.

It’s a self-guiding trail meaning there are markers throughout that correspond to a guide you can find at the trail head (if any are available) or online explaining the surrounding nature, trail and its history in depth. You may find this a bit cheesy, but it’s actually quite interesting and worth reading along the way.  

The trail is very well traveled making it easy to follow. However, because you are on rock some of the time, keep your eye out for the arrow markers. They are straightforward on the way out on the trail, but not as easy to see on the way back.

This would be a great trail for the kids and dogs! Some spots are steep and require b...

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