exploring the heart of canada

Have you ever seen the sun rise in the prairies? It's unlike anything else – boundless and isolating in the most comforting way. There is no quantifying its beauty. It signifies the beginning of the future.

And the future, almost always, guarantees an adventure...

We are Rachelle & Kristen and our mission is to inspire you to Do North by exploring what's inside Canada's heart.

Until the sun sets,

Do North.


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Each adventure will indicate the season we think is best for visiting. We will also rate them on a 3 point scale:

- loved it!

- worth the trip

- skip it. 

We are going to be brutally honest and subjective here. You do not have to agree with us, and that's okay!

Lastly, we'll categorize our adventures based on their distance from the city centre (usually Winnipeg). Day trips will typically be within a 2 hour drive of Winnipeg and overnight trips will be 2+ hours away from the city.

Happy adventuring! 

August 7, 2018


Tent? Check. Sleeping bag? Check. Water? Check. Cooler full of food? Check. Fire supplies? Check. Hiking boots and/or Nikes? Check. Good friends and a dog? Check. Prosecco? Check. More Prosecco? Well, I mean, not if you want to get a good hike in the next day – let’s not fool ourselves!

Jokes aside, these items are pretty much the core essentials for the making of an epic hiking/camping trip. Anything else can be found in a post we wrote awhile back here for Solo Camping Made Easy; of course, this list is complimentary for group camping trips as well.

If you have time to make a weekend out of hiking/camping, we are going to suggest you head southwest on Highway 2 until the Highway 5 junction, which will take you south to Highway 253 (west), then to Highway 18 (south), through Killarney to Highway 3 (west), and one...

July 27, 2018


I was really spoiled growing up. Every summer there was never a shortage of lakes, beaches, and cottages to visit, explore, and relax at with my family. When I was younger we would spend a lot of time in Grindstone Provincial Park at my nana and papa’s cottage. My mom would continuously remind me to “stay off the trails” when I was by myself adventuring through the park. My response was always slightly insubordinate in nature. There was no chance I was listening to her direction. Nope. Not even a little (sorry, mom!). There were too many places to survey and too many people I hadn’t met yet. The trails were my best friend; literally and figuratively connecting me to whatever the woods had to offer.

Reflecting presently, I suppose I always had a wandering soul, exploring unfamiliar terrain, never satisfied un...

July 26, 2018


While many flock to the beautiful beaches on Lake Winnipeg, it seems as though Lake Manitoba is often forgotten. The drive to St. Ambroise Beach Provincial Park from Winnipeg's city centre is actually one kilometer less than Grand Beach and totally worth it. Plus, it's much less crowded.

The sand is soft and the water is shallow. Like, really shallow. For quite a distance. You can walk out for at least 50 meters and the water will still be below your waist. It's perfect for the kiddos and dogs. There is an awesome provincial website called Paws in Parks that outlines all of the rules when traveling to provincial parks with dogs. Dogs are allowed in provincial parks, just not in designated beach areas. Buoys at St. Ambroise Beach mark the designated swim area.

On the south end of the beach, you'll find a lookout to...

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